Dropbox slashes pricing and boosts storage as competition intensifies. 1 terabyte for $9.99 a month

Almost from the day it launched, Dropbox has been arguably the best storage and file syncing service on the market — and it's also been among the most expensive. Founder Drew Houston has often said that Dropbox...


Skype finally fixes notifications

Skype! Remember Skype? Good old Skype. It was dominant, powerful, a friend that only let you down at most twice or three times per day. Then the market was suddenly flooded with competitors: Google Hangouts, Whatsapp,...


Hot times now! “The end of summer” sale in Singapore location!

Only until September 23rd we provide a discount of 10 Euro for the rental of server Dell R-210! Now you have a great opportunity to rent a server Dell R-210 in Singapore datacenter with the discount of 10 Euro. This...


This Is What’s New In Linux 3.16

     While the rest of us slept in, Linus Torvalds kept busy over the weekend, announcing an all new Linux kernel release.      Linux 3.16 is now stable and out there. Wherever...