Remote Code Execution flaw found in Elasticsearch - CVE-2015-1427

If you have an elasticsearch instance that is publicly available, upgrade to 1.4.3 or later now. Elasticsearch is a full-text search engine that makes data aggregation and querying easy. It has an extensive JSON API...


Server.lu introduces a new line of servers

This type of server is based on Intel Core I7 processor and has 32 GB of RAM, as well as the opportunity of choosing several available configurations of disk storage, which is the main advantage of this server. In total...


The price of the Fujitsu IS2M server has been cut to €49 per month

One of Server.lu’s most affordable options is the Fujitsu TX120-based Intel Server IS2M. This particular server utilizes the well-proven dual-core processor Intel Core I3-2100. Based on the "Sandy Bridge"...


Worst passwords of 2014

The year 2014, in many respects, was all about digital security. It wasn’t just tech pundits or early adopters who were victimized – Snapchat, Target, and Sony Entertainment all showed us that no one is...